3D Printernational Subscription Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership
3D Printernational Subscription 3D Maker Club Membership

3D Maker Club Membership

3D Printernational
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Introducing our membership club for 3D Printernational, "3D Maker Club"! 

Membership includes an exclusive set of benefits and perks for members that will enhance their 3D printing experience and reward their loyalty. Here are ten exciting benefits and perks that members of the club will enjoy:

1. Monthly Filament Pack

Receive a curated sampler pack every month. This pack will contain 5 different filaments from various manufacturers and colors, 20 gr each sample, allowing you to test a diverse range of materials, colors, and properties. Discover new possibilities for your 3D printing projects and gain insights into the performance of different filaments without committing to full spools. 

2. Monthly Maker Product Drops (Raffles)

Participate in monthly raffles exclusively for Maker Club members. Win exciting prizes such as high-quality filaments, limited edition 3D printed models, and premium maker  tools and accessories. Each member has prox. 30% chance to win high quality maker products, tool and kits. 

3. Private Collection of Premium STLs and 3D Models.

Gain exclusive access to a private collection of high-quality STL files handpicked for Maker Club members. This collection will include a wide range of intricate and professionally designed 3D models, suitable for various applications, such as artistic prints, functional prototypes, and practical tools. Save time on searching for the best STLs and take advantage of this premium library to elevate your 3D printing projects.

4. Surprise Gift Cards 

Every month, members will receive surprise gift cards ranging from $30 to $100. These gift cards can be used towards any purchase on our website, allowing you to indulge in new 3D printing projects or try out different accessories.

5. Premium Discounts 

Enjoy substantial discounts on a wide range of products every month. As a Print Prodigy member, you'll receive premium discount codes that can be applied to your purchases, providing savings of up to 30% on select items.

6. Merchandise Drops / Giveaways 

Get access to limited edition merchandise designed exclusively for Maker Club members. Receive exclusive apparel, stickers, and other merchandise showcasing your membership and love for 3D printing.

7. VIP Customer Support 

Receive priority customer support with a dedicated helpline exclusively for Maker Club members. Enjoy faster response times and personalized assistance from our knowledgeable support team.

8. Beta Testing Opportunities 

As a Maker Club member, you may have the chance to participate in beta testing programs for upcoming products. Get a sneak peek and provide valuable feedback to help shape the future of 3D printing technology.

9. Early Access to New Products 

Be the first to get your hands on the latest 3D printers, accessories, and filament. Maker Club members will receive exclusive early access to new product releases before they are available to the general public.

10. Pre-Sale Priority 

Gain priority access to pre-sale events for highly anticipated products. Ensure you secure your desired 3D printer or accessory by having the first opportunity to purchase before the general public.



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